Friday, August 22, 2008

ANSWERS - Submarine Mystery Questions of the Week

One of the primary obstacles to properly recording history has been the need to maintain national secrets. Military secrets are vital to national security.

As stated when the 5 questions of the week were posed, M.E will not provide the answer to Question 5, although I seriously doubt the answer I found easily is still secret.

Here are the Mystery Questions and Answers related to the photo shown:

1- Name the related submarine class? (UK) Resolution class.

2- What is the 3-letter acronym of the unit shown? PAC.

3- What was the name (one word) of the system featured in this cutaway photo? Chevaline.

Bonus Question and Answer:

4- Where was this cutaway displayed when photographed? Bristol Aero Collection, Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire , England. Note: An alternative spelling is used in Bristol Aero Collection's online description where, as of this writing, it is spelled 'Chavaline'.

(Self Question):
5- In particular, what and where was the primary target the system named in Question 3 was designed to overcome? (You will have to find this answer yourself).

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 23 August, 2008 11:24, Blogger Nereus said...

The Brits had a totally different strategy in SLBM operations in the cold war and this is one of the ingenious ideas to be used to defeat the USSR's defenses.

Great Blog



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