Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good Conscience vs. A pattern of Consorting with the Corrupt, the Convicted and the Cover-Up Crowd

As an independent voter M.E. has not been happy with the choices for presidential candidates this year. My choice did not offer to run.

However, one candidate has tried to downplay and cover up his ties to a host of unsavory characters, public policies and partisan practices that have totally exposed his innate untrustworthiness and hypocrisy.

Despite efforts by the mainstream media to hide these shortcomings, a clear summary is now available on this bad news guy, who makes his opponent look like a stellar candidate.

Watch this video before it is too late:

Corruption covered up!

If you witness evidence of expected irregularities at your local voting precinct, report them immediately and be sure to write a letter to your local editor. Your vigilence will be more important this year than ever.

Even if you disagree with my choice of candidate, please vote. It makes our country stronger.



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