Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mystery Question of the Week - Class: Answer

Mystery Question of the Week
Below is a photo from a submarine's 'head'. Although the sink appears hastily scrubbed, the watercloset is in need of obvious attention (vertigris), peeling paint, etc.

From what submarine class was the above photo taken?


Rick, your solitary guess was certainly very commendable. The submarine photo is of a Russkie Foxtrot, however: INSIDE THE SOVIET SUBMARINE FOXTROT B-461 - photo by Johan M.
The Russian Navy retired its last Foxtrots between 1995 and 2000[1], although some may still be in service with other nations.

No one participating in the White House discussions nor anyone else in the U.S. government knew that each of the four Soviet submarines in the area had a nuclear torpedo on board... source


During the missile crisis, U.S. naval officers did not know about Soviet palns for a submarine base (at Mariel Bay. Cuba) or that the Foxtrot submarines were nuclear armed. source

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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