Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Horrors: Timely Preview of Universal Health Care

April 20, 2009 - Senators Set Timetable for Health Care Bills
The chairmen of two Senate committees told President Obama today that by early June they would finish writing legislation on health care to “provide coverage to all Americans.”

The literal meaning of socialized medicine is limited to systems of government operated health care facilities using government employed health care professionals.[8][9][10][7]. This definition applies both to British National Health Service hospital trusts and the Veterans Health Administration in the United States.

This brief posting has only three items to keep in mind.

First, citizens of the U.S. should insist that members of Congress subject themselves to the same health care facilities to which the public will be subjected, not the separate and privileged Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) plan they currently enjoy at our expense.

Secondly, the hallmarks of the terms public and universal as in restrooms or military conscription (the draft) have often meant lowered standards. Restroom sanitation particularly comes to mind in both public highway rest stops and VA hospitals (Washington post article) .

Apr 19, 2009 - VA: 3 patients HIV-positive after clinic mistakes
Initial tests show one patient each from VA medical facilities in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Augusta, Ga., and Miami has the virus that causes AIDS, according to a VA statement. ...The patients are among more than 10,000 getting tested because they were treated with endoscopic equipment that wasn't properly sterilized and exposed them to other people's body fluids. ...The VA also said there have been six positive tests for the hepatitis B virus and 19 positive tests for hepatitis C at the three locations. ... The VA has said it does not yet know if veterans treated with the same kind of equipment at its other 150 hospitals may have been exposed to the same mistake before the department had a nationwide safety training campaign.

Finally, with few exceptions, the current administration is comprised of lawyers. There can be little doubt that the final Universal Health Care Act will require private medical insurance
accounts and health care providers. This will assure lawyers' job security (right to sue for malpractice claims). Will the cost of health care be lowered like standards will?

Of course not, check your local hospitals. Liability claims eat 40% - 60% of the typical hospitals budgeted allocations now. As standards further deteriorate and lawyers sue, these allocations will certainly rise. Lawyer job security, it seems, is destined to improve regardless of economic crises.

Well, do you still want socialized medicine?



At 15 May, 2009 13:19, Blogger Polaris said...

Stop believing your own insurance company's lies.

The republicans are so much in the pocket of the health insurance lobbyists that they cripple any attempt at change.

Single payer health care is working throughout most civilised countries of the planet.

Here in Canada coverage and care are both excellent and waiting times are almost nil.

The Canadian government doesn't run healthcare - it pays for it. Doctors are in charge and patient care is their sole concern.

Why are you afraid of a system like this ? It's not as if you have much to lose.

At 26 October, 2010 15:22, Blogger Vigilis said...

"Here in Canada coverage and care are both excellent and waiting times are almost nil." -"Polaris" (anonymous)

Wait Times for Health Care in Canada -
Long wait times for access to certain health care procedures have been a growing complaint about the Canadian health care system. As governments in Canada struggle to reduce health care wait times, many provincial governments are publishing the data on the wait times for specific procedures in their provinces.

Additional Funds Needed to Reduce Wait Times -
An alliance of Canadian medical organizations says an additional $3 billion over 5 years is needed from the federal and provincial governments to reduce wait times for key health care procedures in Canada. In its final report released in August 2005, the Wait Time Alliance for Timely Access to Health Care says the money is needed to address the need for health care professionals and to improve portability of health care so patients can get treatment outside their own region, province or outside Canada if necessary.

The Canadian federal government has agreement from all provinces and territories to establish health care wait times guarantees by 2010.


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