Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Way to Defuse Healthcare Protestors. And, Surprise, Senator Spector, You don't represent America, either!

Perhaps protestors do not represent America, Senator Specter, but members of congress, all of whom participate in FEHBP do not represent the America you intend to subject to Obama's Healthcare either.

To quickly silence protestors, Rex Stuttart has suggested that a statistically significant, bipartisan block of senators and house members immediately opt out of their permanent and privileged FEHBP health coverage (their families included) and submit to the legislation they will ultimately enact for the rest of us. If enough do not volunteer, Rex proposes to select names by random lottery!

Rex publicized his congressional healthcare challenge on Bob McLain Show (WORD 106.3 FM) earlier today. Bob's show has listeners in 3 states and internet followers across the country. If congressional volunteers do not step forward by next Monday, the first, four random selections will be made and announced here September 1st. No one actually expects members of our Congress to volunteer out of FEHBP.

Every Monday thereafter, 4 more House members will be drawn in Rex's lottery and announced here at Molten Eagle until the total reaches 24. At that point, the list will be repeated daily with the addition of 2 senators a week until 30 member of Congress are listed in total.

If Congress can draft us by lottery for military service, is it not time we drafted them, our representatives, for voluntary submission to legislation of their own making?

Once named, the highbinders (2nd definition, here) should have more to explain to their constituents before te next election. Bipartisan cheers, representatives!

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