Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New York Times 3 Years Late and a $Billion Short

May 31, 2006 - Occupation: Global Warming Mongers by Vigilis -
It is becoming clearer that he [Gore] is either very dim-witted, or is spearheading a scam for which he has a financial conflict of interest. In fact, his interest in the recent movie An Inconvenient Truth, could be offset by production costs claimed as advertising/marketing for his investment company, based in London. Shameful, really shameful, but not illegal.

November 2, 2009 - The New York Times - Gore’s Dual Role: Advocate and Investor - by John M. Broder -

Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, asserted at a hearing this year that Mr. Gore stood to benefit personally from the energy and climate policies he was urging Congress to adopt.

Mr. Gore said every penny he has made from his renewable energy holdings — as well as from his book and movie efforts — into the non-profit he chairs, the Alliance for Climate Protection.


The founder and current chairman of the alliance is former US Vice President Al Gore. [1] Does Al Gore ever mention the CEO salary and benefits he receives from the non-profit? No, he does not. Or, does he cleverly have proceeds deposited in the Gore Family Trust, as perhaps one of his major league lawyers have advised?


We do not know, and it is very unlikely that anyone from the NYT will ever ask.



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