Thursday, December 03, 2009

California Taxpayers' Grievance of 2010: "No Taxation Without Oxygen"

The memorable grievance slogan of the the Thirteen Colonies prior to the American Revolution was: No taxation without representation!

In California, today, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has set the stage for another revolutionary slogan: No Taxation Without Oxygen!

The latest emblematic symbol of the passalong, cap-and-trade tax protesters? Treasure Island.

'Within a century, Treasure Island, this place where we are right now, could be totally under water,' the governor said. 'It is technology in the end that will save us. Though California leads the U.S. in its legal mandate to cut greenhouse gases, Mr Schwarzenegger explained how $2.5 trillion of property and assets were still at threat from climate change.

If you live in California and pay taxes (as opposed to gang members) you may want to consider fleeing to avoid drowning, outrageous taxes, or both.



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