Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Graphics Like Jargon May Sometimes Confuse Broadband Choices for U.S. Submarines

Epitome of Unintelligible Jargon (GOBBLEDYGOOK)

Quote [color added]:
ADC2 applies its transformation to the original video file, before it gets encoded for streaming, so it is agnostic of any of the common video codecs.

Translation [color added]: That means that the process has to [have] been undone at the end-user level, however.

M.E. does not in anyway intend to diminish the promising ADC2 compression process described by the linked article. If feasible for submerged submarine comms, for instance, one could expect a 500 megabyte HD video file to compress further to only 73 MB and stream wirelessly across a cheap (by MIL standards) 0.75 Mbps 3G link.

In fact, "They were actually talking about being in Afghanistan and sending compressed, high-definition video from the front lines to command,” said one of ADC2's founders, Lewis Stoller.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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