Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Presented for your Information: Unwritten Navy Policy or Merely a Pattern

..........................FOR THE RECORD

The challenge: Tell us exactly why Capt. Holy Graf * and the famous female astronaut (Capt. Nowak**, arrested February, 2007) are still in the Navy! HINT: Is it because positive PR trumps basic fairness, or because it is time women got a break and men (non-USNA) must suffer?

There was one answer to the challenge at the popular submarine blog here: Rubber Ducky said...Regarding both Lisa Nowak (astronaut) and Holly Graf: each are facing administrative boards to determine if either one is to remain on active duty.

Meanwhile, Captain James E. Horten has been named CO of the submarine USS CHICAGO (SSN 721). CAPT. Horten graduated from the United States Naval Academy and replaces fired, former USS Chicago CO, Cmdr. Jeff Cima, who was NOT not an USNA graduate.

Molten Eagle's 2009 prediction: Non USNA graduates will be systematically culled from the submarine hierarchy in advance of the women's liberation movement into "one of the last bastions of of gender segregation".

Rationale: We can expect more non-academy COs to be relieved as only USNA-minted males can properly assure female underlings are accomodated in the desired PC naval environment.

What is the desired submarine environment? One in which the entire chain of command ignores: All but grave female shortcomings (Capt Nowak); Benchmarking to male counterpart performance (Capt Graf); PREGNANCY (First Known Case of Pregnancy at Naval Academy).

What many NROTC grads lack is the peculiar political conditioning that is de rigueur at the Naval Academy. The culture there assures that all of the males who graduate are reliably PC when it comes to never criticizing and always assisting women officers in their careers.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

* booted as captain of a billion-dollar warship for "cruelty and maltreatment" of her 400-member crew.
** The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is still investigating the possibility of military punishment, which could range up to imprisonment, dismissal from the Navy, and loss of pension.[71]



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