Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Female Submariners (Thought Experiment #05182010)

Submarines have transported some very unusual cargoes during times of armed conflict when ultimate stealth or absolute secrecy have been required. Other cargoes have been somewhat more difficult to explain: goat; motorcycle; contraband (you either know, or you don't).
Now, we have a new category to consider; in the future some U.S. submarines will officially embark women sailors. Historically, submarines have shared a casual affinity with pirate ships of yore which, if they ever embarked women, used them for purposes including cumshaw and barter.
U.S. women will not only serve in traditional naval officer roles, however, they will provide our submarines with a resource.
What additional benefit(s) will the presence of female crew on some U.S. subs provide, do you imagine? HINT: this guy dare not assign women to his submarine crews.
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Submarines are always silent and strange.



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