Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Submarine(s) Finally Deploy Publicly in Piracy Crisis

UPDATE (Jun 23, 2010): Dutch Submarine to Eavesdrop on Somali Pirates
Previously - Its sensitive monitoring equipment will gather sonar signatures of key pirate vessels.

Now - Submarine will use sophisticated eavesdropping equipment to gather information about pirate activities to supplement intelligence gathered by helicopters and planes patrolling the area.
...the pirates remain in contact by satellite telephone.

Submarine deployment connected with Somalian Piracy (in the severely limited instances reported so far)

22 June 2010 - Netherlands submarine to join Somalia anti-pirate force

The Netherlands has agreed to a Nato request to deploy a submarine for reconnaissance off the coast of Somalia from late September to mid December 2010. Deployments of command frigates HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën and HNMLS De Ruyter, as well as the Dutch contribution to the EU’s Operation Atalanta, will continue as planned. The Dutch submarine will contribute to the Ocean Shield anti-piracy mission until mid-December. Its sensitive monitoring equipment will gather sonar signatures of key pirate vessels. The 2.3 million euro estimated cost of using the submarine will be borne from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ fund for crisis management operations.

02 May 2008 - Others Welcome, but Molten Eagle Writes for Patient Readers

(CNN) -U.S. kills Somali with links to al Qaeda, officials say- A U.S. missile strike Thursday killed a Somali Islamic militant leader with ties to al Qaeda and several other senior leaders of his group, Al-Shaabab, local officials said. U.S. officials said the missile was launched from a Navy submarine or a ship in the region. The Somali Islamic militant leader was Hashi Farah Ayro, who was said to have gone to Afghanistan to train with al-Qaeda before 2001, according to Matthew Bryden of International Crisis Group. For link to LA Times read Galrahn's Precision Kills From the Sea - Updated - Another Sub Strike update.

12 July 2005 - Sub Patrols: Unfinished "Business" With Terrorist Haven, Somalia No wonder a U.S. submarine has been patrolling nearby waters.

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Submarines are always silent and strange.



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