Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Unanswered Submarine Mystery and Possible Political Football Solution

To observe items discussed below, viewing the zany YouTube filmed in, on and around a submarine moored (pier ?) at Sub Base Groton (circa March 1979) is highly recommended.
TIP: It is not necessary to watch the entire 8:54 YouTube; simply hit PLAY, then PAUSE, and slide the CURSOR ball to the desired scenes.
Issue One: Submarine Mystery
Not asking the name of the former U.S. submarine featured in the Kodachrome film converted to the linked YouTube; with a little effort you can find that. Not asking the names ot the other 2 subs Iran was buying from the U.S. in that deal--- with a lot more effort, you can find those, as well. The pier, then? Wrong again; someone you know remembers that, too.
The mystery is what are those two (one black, one white) haystack-shaped structures behind the ex-566 on the other pier? Those mystery objects are most clearly seen in the linked YouTube at 0:48 - 0:59 and 6:21 - 6:27. Can you get the right answer before the current champ, Cookie?
Issue: Possible Political Football (DADT) Solution

As the days dwindle before the congressional August recess commences August 9, “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal advocates are angling for a firm commitment from Senate majority leader Harry Reid for a September vote on the defense authorization bill, to which the repeal measure is attached.
Perhaps there is better way to make all sailors happy without risks for incumbent politicians: Suppose the cheek kiss practice observed as the CO thanks the formation (YouTube 8:25 - 8:37) were implemented. Now, imagine a female CO. Everyone still happy?

Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 01 August, 2010 01:59, Blogger iotech said...


Those "structures" appear to be submarine nose fairings. Why one is white, or what class they belong to are beyond me, however.


At 01 August, 2010 13:33, Blogger Vigilis said...

iotech, confess that sonar bow caps had been my initial reaction, as well. A few minutes later, however, and that possibility no longer made quite as much sense to me.

Perhaps someone from that era knows for sure what they are.

At 01 August, 2010 22:41, Blogger Cookie..... said...

I believe I may have it. Early on they were used to study the effects and dispersion of ice on off-shore structure such as various oil rigs, bouy's etc...

At 02 August, 2010 16:10, Blogger Cookie..... said...

P.S. On conical shaped objects. Those tests took place in the 70's.

At 02 August, 2010 17:08, Blogger Vigilis said...


That fits. Thanks!


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