Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deeper Navy Problem Begs Solution - He Has One!

Monday Aug 23, 2010 - NavyTimes - Navy relieves Bahrain network CO
Cmdr. Mary Ann Giese [USNA, 1992] was having ‘inappropriate relationships’ with others in her command, the Navy said.
And yes, according to one blogger claiming to know her, Cmdr. Giese is also married.
M.E. shall never pick solely on female COs. A lot has changed since Sandra Irwin USNA, 1980 (click cue card). Here is a convenient summary of public Navy CO firings in 2010 Y-T-D. Note only 2 of 13 have been female.
The Navy’s promotion system struggling to root out unfit commanders. Retired Capt. Mike Abrashoff [see inset book jacket], now a corporate consultant and best-selling author, says the Navy suffers because senior officers who endorse unfit officers for command face no consequences. He advocates having a standard line in each senior officer’s evaluation record that would say whether the officer has recommended someone who was later relieved of command.
Whatever happened to the fired USS COWPENS CO, Capt. Holly Graf (USNA, 1985)? Since 3 years seems necessary for the public to forget such things, we may have to wait until June 2013 to learn if Graf has finally been demoted to O5 and discharged by the service.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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