Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chief of the Boat (COB) Mystery


Background to Questions of the Week
As of today's Molten Eagle post, Wikipedia says,
Chief of the Boat (COB) is an enlisted sailor on board a U.S. Navy submarine who serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the commanding officer and executive officer, and assists with matters regarding the good order and discipline of the crew. The Chief of the Boat is the submariner equivalent of a Command Master Chief in shore and surface units. There is only one COB on a submarine and he is generally responsible for the day-to-day operations of the non-nuclear-trained portion of the boat, the morale and the training of the boat's enlisted personnel. The COB is typically the most senior enlisted man; however, the commanding officer is neither required to select the highest ranking sailor nor the most senior in grade or time aboard. Likewise, the COB is not necessarily replaced when a more senior sailor reports aboard.
Mystery Questions of the Week - UPDATED Oct. 2, with applicable answers:
1) - Wiki's description of Chief of the Boat (COB), which equates it with Command Master Chief on surface units also provides an image of the Command Senior Chief badge. Is a standard badge, insignia or other uniform distinction worn by submarine COBs (If not, why not; If yes, what is it)? ANS: Yes, COMMAND SENIOR ENLISTED LEADER IDENTIFICATIONBADGE: EFFECTIVE 25 SEP 06, AUTHORIZED TO WEAR INSIGNIA: MCPON,FLEET MASTER CHIEF, FORCE MASTER CHIEF, CNO-DIRECTED COMMAND MASTERCHIEF, COMMAND MASTER CHIEF, CHIEF OF THE BOAT AND COLLATERAL DUTYCOMMAND MASTER CHIEF, COMMAND SENIOR CHIEF AND COMMAND CHIEF.
2) - Is Wiki correct in stating that the COB is typically the most senior enlisted man on a submarine or, more typically, have COBs been the most experienced, non-nuclear CPOs?
ANS: The latter has been more typical.
3) - Has there ever been a shipboard Command Master Chief who is/was a female (answer must provide ship name and hull number, approximate date, and name of the individual)?
ANS: Yes, Command Master Chief Loretta Glenn (SW/AW), for example, was the first female Command Master Chief aboard USS Gettysburg (CG 64) after 1998-2001.
4) - How long will it be before the Navy's first female COB? (If you think NEVER, skip to Provisional question 5). ANS: Still PENDING as had been stated originally.
Provisional question 5) from 4) ...
How long will it be before submarines no longer have COBs, but will have Command Master Chief's instead (If you think the Navy will phase out Command Master Chiefs as well as COBs, skip to Provisional question 6) ? ANS: Still PENDING as had been stated originally.
Provisional question 6) from 5) ...
6) - What will be the new title for the person fulfilling the blended roles formerly designated as COB and CMC be? ANS: Still PENDING as had been stated originally.
7) - Does the Royal Navy (Brittain's senior service) have Chiefs of the Boat? ANS: Yes.
ANSWERs For questions 1), 2), 3), and 7) will appear Saturday, October 2nd. For questions 4), 5), and 6) answers are PENDING until the Navy takes related actions. Feel free to comment, if you either know or dare to guess any of the pending answers.
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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