Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Awkward Submarine Truth Emerges Via the 'Sidestream' Media

Sometimes Americans are not provided all the news that is fit to print. Unfortunately, denial of facts is too often an editorial decision whenever an underlying political bias could be involved.

Occasionally, however, the foreign press sheds light on the dark cast by America's mainstream media editors. Please read the linked article. The U.K. and U.S. have naturally collaborated in health studies. Socialist countries, however, have neither the capacity nor the stomach for the litigiousness of U.S. courts and trial lawyers.

If the U.K. goes ahead with dedicated air for pregnant sailors, but the U.S. does not, guess what is going to happen (also, see note 2. here) in the U.S. Submarine Force.

19 December 2011 - Royal Navy submarines to be adapted for women -
Adapting Royal Navy submarines to allow women to serve on them will cost £3 million, MPs were told. ...The money will also be used for an emergency air supply system for any female crew member found to be pregnant on the submarines, whose voyages can last for months.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said, "There will be a cost, estimated at about £3 million in total, both to provide appropriate accommodation and to provide emergency air supplies so that should any female submariner be found to be pregnant on board that submariner will be able to breath from a discrete air supply until such time as she can be medically evacuated."
Mr. Hammond said the US Navy already allowed female submariners and added: "The only reason women were not eligible for the submarine service was that, until recently, the best medical evidence suggested that there could be a risk to foetal health.

Tory Caroline Dinenage (Gosport) said the new arrangement was "confirmation of what many of us know, that women can do everything that men can do ... better".

Submarines are always silent and strange. The strangeness will enter a new dimension that while may only be good in a political sense.



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