Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Contests You Might Never Have Guessed Existed

Blue has had some past prominence in both contests. Both also feature at least one skyward element. TSA employees are apparently prohibited from neither:

# 1 // Groping Contest //

Sponsor: foreign museum (specifics linked right here Friday, 24 AUG).

Required: "...gropers are of all ages and walks of life [even TSA employees?]. ...groping contest takes place in two categories [professionals and laymen]. The gropers use their hands to try and reach the same point criteria as consultants reached with their techniques.

PRIZES: Among the prizes is sperm from the Insemination Center, and a trophy “Looking skywards” to keep for one year.


# 2 // Design Contest //

Sponsor: homeland air base (specifics linked right here Friday, 24 AUG).

Required: Designs must capture the thrill, emotion, excitement and drama of the air show's sights and sounds. The winning design might also be featured on T-shirts, event programs, direct-mail advertisements and other promotional materials, according to organizers.

PRIZES: The winning designer will receive $500 and a ticket package for the air show.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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