Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lawyer-Lobbyist describes insider observations

American voters dismissive of broad conflicts of interest, unique concentrations of power, and potential excesses of authority brandished by lawyers empowered by election to representative offices take note. Those who pan the existence and significance of a Lawyer-Political Complex at odds with what is good for the U.S., don't take it from M.E., take it from an insider:

The latest testimony from a lawyer-lobbyist insider underscores our observations of the powerful, yet invisible network of lawyers:

"Money is the basis of almost all relationships in D.C.,” he writes. “And, in a nutshell, this is why our political campaign system and DC’s mushrooming Permanent Class — who alternate between government jobs and lawyering, influence-peddling and finance — mean Wall Street always wins.”

Democrats, he argues, aren’t much different than Republicans when it comes to selling out. Connaughton describes the Washington taxonomy of the lobbyists, consultants and lawyers he calls “Professional Democrats.”

“If the Marine Corps’s hierarchy of allegiance is unit, corps, country, God, then the hierarchy for a Professional Democrat is current firm, former-elected-official boss, the congressional Democratic leadership, and the president (if he or she is a Democrat),” Connaughton writes. - Jeff Connaughton, a lawyer and Biden Senate staffer turned lobbyist,  author of “The Payoff,” 

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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