Friday, February 15, 2013

Answers: Sub Mystery Quiz 9 Feb 2013

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Questions with Answers

1- In which (1996 title) U.S. SCI-FI flick did the admiral wear a close facsimile of the badge shown above on his space uniform (best close-up view appears at 1:26, about 4 minutes from the end)?   Timelock  [It's the 23rd century and the world's most dangerous criminal has taken over the maximum security prison on asteroid Alpha 4. Caught in the middle are a petty thief and a prison transport pilot.]

Trailer (admiral does not appear) here.   Full movie available here.

2- What is the admiral character's name and who plays the role? ANS:   Admiral Danny Teegs played by Martin Kove.

3- Which former James Bond girl plays the admiral's daughter, a transport pilot?   ANS: 
Maryam d'Abo plays
Captain Jessie Teegs.

4- Indicative of comedic intent, what digital relic is shown as the key needed to start the transport ship?  ANS:  The key is a floppy disc.

Disclaimer: The 'Siren' dolphin badge may have been provided by someone connected with 'the boats'.   By bringing this bizarre coincidence to readers' attention M.E. is not recommending the underlying movie, which Rotten Tomatoes currently rates a 39%, and more than a few reviewers called 'low budget'. In fairness, it is an unrated, independent movie with sight gags, puns and a talented cast having a good time.  In my opinion, 90 minutes was overlong. 

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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