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ANSWERS for latest Sub Questions of the Week

Link to Submarine Questions of the Week - 2 Dec 2013 is here.  The 1903 Thanksgiving Menu and Chow Down in the Crews Mess cartoon images rom M.E.'s Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Thanksgiving Tribute are found here. Text from a famous author's tribute to submariners follows:
“I saw the submariners, the way they stood aloof and silent, watching their pigboat with loving eyes. They are alone in the Navy. I admired the PT boys. And I often wondered how the aviators had the courage to go out day after day and I forgave their boasting. But the submariners! In the entire fleet they stand apart!”

Questions of the Week with ANSWERS

1 - A surviving, but tattered copy of a Thanksgiving Day menu from USS Hartford has two very unexpected qualities; one is historical, and one is not.  What were the years of the menu publication and ship commissioning? ANS: The menu (photo linked above) is dated 1903; the menu was for the USS Hartford, a sloop-of-war steamer commissioned in 1859.

2 - There is a certain ambiguity in one artifact relative to USS Darter.  The artifact is a cartoon; identify a fundamental ambiguity? ANS: The fundamental ambiguity is whether the cartoon was for USS Darter (SS-227 commissioned 1943, or SS-576 commissioned 1956). 

3a- Name the novelist who wrote, "But the submariners! In the entire fleet they stand apart!"?  ANS:
      James A Michener.
3b- In which of his novels does his quote appear?  ANS:  Tales of the South Pacific.
3c- Had he (James A. Michener) ever served in the United States Navy in wartime?  ANS: Yes, in WWII, and his last rank was LCDR.
3d- Was he a submariner? ANS:  No, James A. Michener was neither a submariner nor skimmer sailor, he was in fact a Naval Historian:
Before Michener entered Swathmore College on a full scholarship, he peddled chestnuts, traveled America on a boxcar and did carnival private detective work.  During college he was employed as a night watchman.

He graduated Swathmore with honors, and taught English and History for several years. In 1941, he became a textbook editor at Macmillan Publishing. 

Later that same year, Japanese military forces attacked Pearl Harbor. Michener waived his Quaker principles and volunteered for service. “I had taught about Hitler, and I had taught about the Japanese war machine, and I knew that this was a battle to the death, so I enlisted.”
The U.S. Navy assigned him to the Solomon Islands as a war historian. -@DebraEve

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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At 06 December, 2013 02:12, Blogger Pete said...

A question for next week:

What is your estimate for the displacement of the newly announced HDW 218SG?



At 08 December, 2013 12:33, Blogger Vigilis said...

Thank you for introducing me to your displacement question and its compelling background.

Upon reading your analysis and summary of the intriguing HDW 218SG displacement opportunity, it would be silly for me to even try to do as well as yourself.

Now that my interest is keen, however, I intend to monitor for meaningful updates. and would advise other readers to do likewise.




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