Monday, January 11, 2016

The Great Green Fleet


Nothing goes over better with U.S. enemies and allies alike during times of momentous fiscal constraints than impressing them as President Theodore Roosevelt had with his Great White Fleet.  The Great White Fleet circumnavigated the world.

President Roosevelt wanted to find out what condition the fleet would be in after such a transit. As he stated before the fleet's departure, "I want all failures, blunders and shortcomings to be made apparent in time of peace and not in time of war."

Could this be the very thoughtful goal of the farsighted Obama administration for its Great Green Fleet, before he departs office?  To make things really interesting shall we prepare this time around the globe to use just Green energy alone?  As we may have learned, not only does this administration never fail to note military blunders, it creates unnecessary reason to assure them (e.g. Women assigned to submarines and their declining retention in those 'boats').

Submarines are always silent and strange?


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