Thursday, April 14, 2005

CFEs Take This Seriously

The BBC NEWS reports a new vehicle to infect visitor's machines with keylogging software or viruses. Be certain to read it, because the vehicle is bogus web journals, or "baited blogs, according to Websense.

"In late March, Websense found a fake e-mail message that tried to direct people to a blog that was hosting keylogging software. Now it estimates that there could be more than 200 bogus blogs in existence that are being used to attack net users." Technorati estimates that there are more than 8 million blogs in existence. Websense warned that viruses hosted on weblogs might be a danger because they get round the filtering systems many firms have created to ensure malicious programs do not reach employees.

How to protect yourself? Users are urged to keep anti-virus and services and software patches up to date, scan regularly with anti-spyware products and exercise caution when reading unsolicited messages sent via e-mail or instant messenger.


At 14 April, 2005 23:49, Blogger bothenook said...

got one even more nefarious. when on blogger, you will notice a "next" button at the top. both joel and i have been hit by some sort of virus or call it whatever you want, it killed my computer, and i think joel had to reformat and load too. so be careful when popping around the blogosphere


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