Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Got Milk? Gott al Qaeda (bin Laden)!

CIA agents ordered to deliver bin Laden's head on ice:
NPR: CIA Literally Ordered Bin Laden's Head On Ice After 9/11
From correspondents in WashingtonMay 04, 2005 From: Reuters

J. Cofer Black ordered agents to deliver Osama bin Laden's severed head in a box of dry ice and heads of al-Qaeda lieutenants on pikes, a retired field officer has disclosed. Former CIA officer Gary Schroen was sent to Afghanistan to help the opposition Northern Alliance topple bin Laden's Taliban. He told National Public Radio (NPR) in an interview broadcast yesterday and today that he stopped by the office of then Director of the CIA counter-terrorism centre Cofer Black for final instructions and was told : "Your basic marching orders are to link up with the Northern Alliance and get their cooperation military and they will take on the Taliban."
"When we break the Taliban, your job is to capture bin Laden, kill him and bring his head back in a box full of dry ice."

Who is Cofer Black? The weak-chinned, strong-willed patriot has had an interesting background, if you believe everything the UPI press reports. But look at 12/03/02 Department of State biography. And today, there is this regurgitated bit that quotes this:
'I would like to see the head of bin Laden delivered back to me in a heavy cardboard box filled with dry ice, and I will take that down and show the president. And the rest of the lieutenants, you can put their heads on pikes'," Schroen told Reuters in an interview. Black, incidentally, received the Intelligence Community’s Exceptional Collector Award for 1994 [note: DCI Exceptional Collector National HUMINT Award: This annual award provides recognition and incentives to individuals, teams, or units for improved HUMINT collection and reporting of information that is of significant value to the U.S. IC.]. Right!

Frankly, I have long envisioned the corpse of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on a 1200 degree barbecue spit. The CIA's display mode will suit hundreds of millions of Americans quite well, however. As to bin Laden...he is already deceased!


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