Monday, May 09, 2005

Our ancestors did not have to think about many of the issues we are now confronted with

Hillary Rodham Clinton (a LAWYER) is quoted from an interview 12 years ago in Anna Quindlen's current Newsweek article: "Our ancestors did not have to think about many of the issues we are now confronted with. When does life start, when does life end? Who makes those decisions? How do we dare to infringe upon these areas of such delicate, difficult questions? And yet, every day in hospitals and homes and hospices all over this country, people are struggling with those very profound issues."

Yes, our ancestors did not have to think about a litany of legal dilemmas now confronting the American populace. Why, because LAWYERS who now number 6% of our workforce (that's right, we now have over 7 million LAWYERS here) were just ordinary people then. They were workers subject to struggles of life like everyone else. I can remember when there were two many LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES in the early seventies and some were driving taxis.

No more. Now LAWYERS roost in most of the Senate, thrive in tax exempt Not For Profits, ratchet costs upwards in the for profits and threaten our Military effectiveness. Remember our great system of checks and balances? How well do you believe that can still work with LAWYERS who must worship judges, dominating all three branches of government?

So you do not think LAWYERS are self-serving? Well they are more collegial to each other regardless of political party than to voters. They assure as judges and criminal attorneys that the convicted are set free early and often (good for their job security, you know), but bad for our innocent. They increase the complexity of our tax codes and the quantity of laws in general to assure chaos and promote litigation and crime. They are growing their profession geometrically at the expense of the country. Lawyers who are not Supreme Court Justices fear judges.

Want to know what adults will have to think about 50 years from now as the LAWYER population grows, infiltrates and causes even greater self-serving crises and chaos (like their insect equivalent, the termite)? They will have to think about How to stop:
Racketering Influence and Corrupt Organizations in government;
Judicial Tyranny
Confiscatory funding (by Taxpayers) of pools for litigation, security, insurance and regulation

Exterminators are to Termites as Voters are to LAWYERS. Except, how much worse would termites be if the exterminator could only come once every 2, 4 or 6 years?

See my archives for factual examples of corruption by LAWYERS and the lower standards to which their colleagues seem to hold them.


At 17 May, 2005 20:52, Blogger bothenook said...

i knew there were a lot more lawyers out there than in the past, but i had no idea there were THAT many.
i live near san francisco, and a very good friend of mine, who incidentally is a lawyer... please don't hold that against me... warned me to be damned careful when visiting s.f. they have more lawyers per capita than anywhere else in the world.
that explains a lot

At 09 June, 2005 02:39, Blogger Skippy-san said...

The worst type of lawyer is the divorce lawyer. They enable worthless bitches to screw deserving men oout of what they have earned, even though as every man knows, divorce is ALWAYS the woman's fault.

But , hey, I'm not bitter or anything...:-).


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