Friday, May 20, 2005

Submarine Exclusives

Submarine Exclusives
Henceforth, content on this blog will relate only to the submarine community. My other blog, Lawyer Kicker, will contain non-partisan, lawyer-bashing stuff necessary to fortify the founders' intended separation of federal powers abused of late at the peril of our republic. That site has an even more limited audience...but, people are fast awakening to Colonization of the Senate - Definition: Political corruption caused by perpetual, dominance of the legal profession in the U.S. Senate (53%) and the Judiciary (100%).

Now, to submarines: Excellent reporter that he is, Bubblehead noted in his May 3rd blog this discussion that active sonar use may harm marine mammals. It shows the Navy's PR plight whenever there's a beaching of whales or dolphins. French submarine history was captured in a 1903 print, now selling on Ebay "Print French Submariners Murder Dolphins." Ironic, n'est pas? The French, by the way, were the last European nation to eliminate capital punishment (1981). Hamida Djandoubi, a Tunisian immigrant, was the last victim (1977) at Baumetes Prison, in Marsailles. Djandoubi was executed for murder, rape and torture of a girl.

Beheading by guillotine does not cause instantaneous brain death, although experts differ on average survival time. Dr. Séguret conducted experiments during the copious French Revolution on the effects of the guillotine. Some of his experiments: exposing the eyes of two heads to sunlight in which the eyes promptly shut, pricking the exposed tongue of a victim and seeing it withdraw into the mouth, and witnessing the eyes of one victim follow the voice of whomever was talking for more than fifteen minutes. More, grisly tidbits can be found here. Well, if you see no irony, yet, check out that. Dolphins and the guillotined were similarly treated in France. "Living by Chance, Loving by Choice, Killing by Profession" motto of La Lègion Etrangére(French Foreign Legion)


At 06 June, 2005 10:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I was not able to leave an anonymous comment at your Lawyer Kicker sight, I will leave it here.
"lawyers perpetuate etc..."

I agree with your comments about the perpetuation of job security abuse by lawyers. The sad truth is that by this perpetuation, we not only hurt the law abiding citizen with the up-front costs of paying lawyers, but also with the lack of real rehabilitation of the guilty. We don't separate the violent from the non-violent, and we don't have ANY programs that truly help either one. If we could help the guilty to only commit one crime, and return to society, think of the long-term cost savings to the tax payers of this great country.

At 06 June, 2005 20:00, Blogger Vigilis said...

Yes, agree, that is mich more reasonable.


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