Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tehran's Submarine Gambit: A Modernized Hunley?

Submarines ...always Silent, always Strange:
From tehran: Over the last few days, intriguing news of Iran's latest craft called the Ghadir has been found over at Chapomatic's and Bubblehead's blogs. "Ali’s Ghadir," may be the stealth version of the small, kaiten-type, delivery submersible. Allegedly, fiberglass hull, sound-isolation padding and all-electric propulsion impart added stealth characteristics to this model. This design, and Iran’s fledgling “nuclear industry” are tokens in its competition to become Islam’s center of manufacturing excellence. Sold to terrorists and successful only once in damaging a supertanker, it would send global oil futures higher than anyone has yet dreamed and it would unite "dormant Islamic radicals" behind the banner of world hegemony. We are seeing the modern equivalent of the H. L. Hunley. Lets not forget the desperation behind such “fish-boats.” Iran is to the Muslim world what Alabama was to the Southern states. So, a non-comabtant like India's Seagall could become a modern Housatonic for Iran.


At 16 May, 2005 01:38, Blogger Chap said...

Thanks for the link!

Hunley was barely able to get out in deep enough water to kill her crew (five times). I used to work with the Koreans, and the DPRK's Yugo and Sango classes had a bit of a use, as did some other minisubs in that area. 2 of trump still beats the skimmer's ace...


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