Monday, September 26, 2005

Global Warming ( and Crop Circle ) Believers: The Company You Keep

Three days ago M.E.'s post Royal Scientist Calls Honest U.S. Experts 'Loonies' quoted 5 top, U.S. scientists who dispute the Global Warming claim of the opportunist left.

Perhaps former VP and internet inventor Al Gore carries a lot of weight with you when it comes to the theory of global warming. You owe it to yourself to read Global Warming: The Fraud You Can Understand.

As educated professionals living in your own community will tell you (not those linked to federal grant-money, however), the global warming racket is another scheme for certain educators and scientists to reap huge $$$$ at taxpayer expense. What about Kyoto, you say, how can the EU and UN be wrong? Well, Clinton and Bush seem to agree that the rest of the world look at U.S. productivity and simply want to gain theirs at the expense of American workers.

Do you feel (rather than think) space aliens are creating crop circles? If so, please review Crop Circles Demystified. Still not convinced? Here are two of the paranormal company you are keeping who also believe in space aliens, the crop circle thing, and the global warming theories:

Linda Moulton Howe of The Earthfiles and

Whitley Streiber of Unknown Country.

Not a problem for you, either? Well here is another scientific luminary that also shares your critical thinking ability:

Barbara Streisand, the songstress and brilliant Hollywood scientist.

Good luck to you in the rest of your life’s pursuits! Good Science is not forged in popularity contests but by grueling adherence to an inflexible, but sound method.


At 26 September, 2005 03:28, Blogger OP said...

Great post. Thanks for the links. I needed the comic relief of listening to Linda Moulten Howe on Whitley's internet radio show radio while she reported about "instant" hurricanes.


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