Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fodder for Thought or Fearless Fodder for IED Detection: Inmates are right, a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

"You call this prison? This ain't nothing. I'm ready for this," the teen said, according to one officer. During that confrontation, two other gang thugs attending the program started beating the inmate, bleeding heavily from the mouth and nose. Four attackers, suspected members of the Crips street gang, were finally subdued and taken away in handcuffs

They call the program at New Jersey's East Jersey State Woodbridge Prison 'Scared Straight.' Yesterday, the group lesson that attempts to shock young offenders into staying out of prison backfired when three "guests" listening to the hardened inmates attacked two of them, badly beating one, authorities said.

The hard-edged program involves "in your face" encounters between the inmates and young visitors who are ordered around by the inmates and told how people are traded behind bars as sexual property, the officer said. One, a "resident" at the New Jersey Training School for Boys in Monroe, had been ordered by a judge to attend the program. He did not appreciate what inmates were telling him.

Molten Eagle: Still in trouble at 18? Let them volunteer Straight to Iraq, if they drop out of Scared Straight!


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