Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Excellent Decimation of al-Qaida

From PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan's army destroyed a major al-Qaida hide-out and arrested 21, including foreigners and a government official accused of helping them in a remote northwestern tribal region near Afghanistan. A lawmaker from a religious party was also among those arrested. This was just one more blow to the Amalgamated Low - Quotient And Expendable, Deranged Assasins union.

The ongoing operation of thousands of troops seized a cache of weapons, including bombs, detonators and rockets; communications equipment used to exchange messages with militants in Afghanistan in both Arabic and Pashtu, the language spoken by most Taliban. Pakistan has deployed about 80,000 troops in its tribal regions to stop remnants of al-Qaida and the Taliban from sneaking into Pakistan or back into Afghanistan.

"It is the biggest-ever operation, which is still going on in North Waziristan," Lt. Gen. Safdar Hussain, the top army commander responsible for anti-terrorism operations in northwestern Pakistan, told a news conference. "As a result of this operation, a center of al-Qaida and terrorists has been destroyed and the back of al-Qaida and terrorists has been broken in the tribal areas because terrorist activities were carried out from here." Hussain said foreigners and "some important men are included among the captured people." Full report.


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