Friday, September 23, 2005

UPDATE: Carre Film in Sydney: The Schkval Torpedo Motive for Kursk

UPDATE: FACTS About the VA-111 Shkval torpedo

The VA-111 Shkval torpedo and its descendants are supercavitating torpedoes, developed by the Russian Navy, which are capable of speeds of several hundred knots.
From (note that Russian B is prounced V in english): BA-111 Shkval underwater rocket

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From The Sydney Morning Herald (September 24, 2005) comes newsAs It Happened: Kursk - A Submarine in Troubled Waters About the French film (shown January 2005 in France) directed by Jean-Michel Carre (conjecture):

"The Kursk was participating in a military exercise involving a torpedo, the Schkval, capable, we're told, of travelling underwater at 500kmh. The intention was to impress the Chinese; instead it annoyed the Americans so much that, according to French filmmaker Jean-Michel Carre, the events that followed could have pushed the world into nuclear war.

Carre's film suggests the Kursk was sunk not by a faulty Russian torpedo but a perfectly good US one. He goes further by implying a deal between presidents Putin and Clinton hushed the true story while America reimbursed Moscow through the back door. "

Showing SBS, Saturday 7.30pm

"Submarines, always silent, always strange" - Vigilis


At 23 September, 2005 17:22, Blogger Nigel G Mitchell said...

Wow, now that's what I call a conspiracy theory. I'm inclined to believe it, but I find it hard to believe the Russians could restrain themselves from a chance to trash the US and blame one of their biggest blunders on someone else. At the very least, it's an interesting theory. Wish I could see that movie.

At 23 September, 2005 18:24, Blogger Vigilis said...

MM. agree, would should a very entertaining film.


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