Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Voice of the Caliphate UPDATE

UPDATE- Internet story Sept. 22nd:

The Search For International Terrorist Entities ran its story a full, week earlier. Their report is linked here. Who has been asleep for a week?

Mainstream media's report Sept. 27th:
Purported al Qaeda Newscast Debuts on Internet Masked Anchorman Lauds Gaza Pullout, Iraq Attacks, Hurricane Katrina

The Wasington Post.com reports Voice of the Caliphate's video news broadcast went out over the internet for the first time yesterday. Purporting to be an al Qaeda production, it featured an 'anchorman' in a black ski mask and ammunition belt. First reported by the Italian Adnkonos news agency from Dubai, the 16-minute production was available on Italian newspaper Web sites.

Let's hope Saturday Night Live will soon parody this news format, which seems precisely the type of unfiltered news that mainstream journalists and career politicians scorn.


At 27 September, 2005 22:17, Blogger Jenifer D. said...

It's too bad the LSM gives these crack-heads so much television time. If they just ignored these public nuisances and just stuck to dumb-ass celebs at their worst, maybe these terrorist-types would just go a-way =:-)

At 28 September, 2005 17:42, Blogger Vigilis said...

That is an excellent point, Jenifer!


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