Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Real Submarine Pirate Hunter: SEAWOLF SSN-575

For months now, EagleSpeak has shared his professional updates of ocean pirate activity with his readers. His latest Keep News On Hijacked Ships Private is the UN's opinion. Now, many submariners including Chapomatic, and Lubber's Line, aviator Skippy-san, and amphibian CDR Salamander have also expressed valuable insights.

An actual historical precedent has already been documented, however, for using a U.S. nuclear submarine to subdue ocean pirates.

On 25 January 1961, USS Seawolf (SSN-575) was ordered to locate and track the Portuguese passenger liner Santa Maria which had been seized by pirates two days earlier. Seawolf made contact with the liner off the coast of Brazil on 1 February. After Santa Maria surrendered in Recife, the Seawolf returned to San Juan and continued east coast operations. The New York Times (and almost everyone else) carried headlines. Other units of the Navy and Marines were involved, as well.


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