Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aboubaker Akhzouri said What? France could not even say that (without uproar)!

Uplifting, I assure you:

A nation of 10 million people wedged between Libya and Algeria, Tunisia is a stalwart ally of the West and has been cracking down on Islamic militants for years. Tunisian women enjoy rights denied by many other Arab countries. Some 54 percent of its university students are female. Tunisia is 98% Muslim according to the Factbook. Aboubaker Akhzouri is Tunisia's religious affairs minister.

Criticizing Muslim women's practice of wearing head scarves, saying it does not fit with the North African country's cultural heritage, Akhzouri said the head scarf is "foreign" and "an intrusion," and recommended a traditional Tunisian Islamic tunic known as the jebbah.
He also said the government of the moderate Muslim country rejects Muslim tunics like those worn in Persian Gulf states and the practice of men wearing long beards.

In 1981, Tunisia's government banned Muslim head scarves in government offices and public schools. Akhzouri denied that increasingly more Muslim women are turning to the head scarf. "On the contrary, the phenomenon is in decline ... progressively fading away," he said.

Learn more about Tunisa's moderate Muslim heritage here, and here.


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