Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Terror Cell in Indiana or Indian Reservation?

Authorities are unsure and have been anonymous. The text of an unconfirmed communication intercept was ambiguous. There are currently no American Indian reservations in Indiana.

In August, 2004, U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris of Florida made an unlikely statement about a terrorist plot to blow up a power grid in Indiana. Officials in Indiana and Washington were dumbfounded. County officials where the power grid is located were at a loss to explain where the information originated.

Harris had said in a speech that a man of Middle Eastern heritage had been arrested in the plot and that explosives were found in his home in Carmel, a suburb north of Indianapolis. Left-wing bloggers went nuts.

Coincidentally, Indian reservations are, like this al-Qaeda infiltrated region of China, somewhat autonomous, because reservations, as you know, have limited national sovereignty. Think this episode was bizarre? If so, where then would you rank Able Danger?

Find the latest developments on Able Danger from WillyShake here.


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