Friday, December 30, 2005

India: The Latest Inoculant Against Radical Islam by Al-Qaeda

In al-Qaeda's latest self-defeating, global move, Lashker e-Toyyba Kashmiri terrorists killed a professor and injured five participants of a science conference in the hi-tech capital Bangalore. Gunmen attacked the prestigious Indian Institute of Science as a conference ended and fired into departing participants. Prof. M.C. Puri of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, was fatally wounded. DEBKA File reports India’s southern states have been placed on high alert.

Vigilis says, "Like a weakened virus, muslim thugs worldwide are helping inoculate the world, country by country, against the more potent threat of Islamic terror cells. Public reaction to the thugs has in reality been similar to production of antibodies (appropriate attitudes by freedom-loving societies) aligned against a deadly plague."


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