Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Islamic Terrorism is a Virus, and it is Inoculating the World Against Itself

Vigilis says, "Like a weakened virus, muslim thugs worldwide are helping inoculate the world, country by country, against the more potent threat of Islamic terror cells. Public reaction to the thugs has in reality been similar to production of antibodies (appropriate attitudes by freedom-loving societies) aligned against a deadly plague. "

The thugs produce more informants (among fellow Muslims), more infiltrators and more targets than could be hoped for by surveillance techniques alone. America may be among the last countries so innoculated, thanks to our senatorial apologists for Islamic terrorists, their ample supporters in liberaldumb, and the unparalleled openess of our society.

The future of freedom is brighter because of the outbursts and outrages by juvenile muslims like those recently in Paris and Sydney. Let their juvenile stupidity and unwitting helpfulness continue.


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