Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Submarine Collisions: Strong Evidence Against Remote Viewing?

UFO's, crop circles, alien abductions (by non-islamic radicals) , remote viewing?

President Jimmy Carter, an ex-submarine officer, claimed a UFO experience,
witnessed in 1969. Carter remains the only U.S. President to have formally reported a UFO. During his presidential campaign, he promised to release the truth about any alleged UFO cover-up. on April 20, 1979, when he was attacked by a "killer rabbit" while fishing in a pond from a small boat. Carter also claimed a confrontation with a swimming rabbit, perhaps ill or fleeing from a predator, which attempted to board the president's craft.

Crop circles are a commercial fiction exposed here.

Some liberals have claimed UFO abductions,
to explain pregnancies, rationalize subsequent abortions (who really wants a space alien kid?) and relate to their state constituency and Hollywood elites.

Perhaps average citizens may recall tragic submarine collisions such as USS Greenville's, the USS San Francisco's, and the USS Philadelphia's most recently. Now, if remote viewing were a viable or reliable capability, where would it have an obvious application? U.S. nuclear submarines are equipped with all manner of secretive and yesterday's-science-fiction type equipment and training. If remote viewing actually worked, why do submarines still collide (besides the facts that there is scant visibility at operating depths, ocean charts need frequent (real-time) updating, and sonar would reveal a submarines presence and location? Note: Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) in Menlo Park, CA. was involved in both President Carter's UFO investigation and the CIA's sponsorship of remote viewing experiments. President Carter, in a speech to college students in Atlanta in September 1995, is quoted by Reuters as saying that during his administration a plane went down in Zaire, and a meticulous sweep of the African terrain by American spy satellites failed to locate any sign of the wreckage. It was then "without my knowledge" that the head of the CIA (Adm. Stansfield Turner) turned to a woman reputed to have psychic powers.


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