Sunday, November 27, 2005

What's wrong with this picture? Voice of the Caliphate

When was the last time a bunch of sissies sent shivers down your spine? Me, either.

When was the last time a bunch of masked sissies upset you? Me, either.

How can that be? According to Daniel Johnson, "Presumably the intention behind Al Qaeda's new Internet TV channel is to send shivers down our spine."

Take a look at the video frame (above) from the SITE Institute: The 7:57 minute video, includes a sit-down discussion with the “head of the public relations office” of the Global Islamic Media Front, Sayf al-Deen al-Kinani, who expounds on the urgency for those Muslims capable of providing services to the group to do so, and he denies Voice of the Caliphate is affiliated with al-Qaeda.

Okay, why are the VOC journalists masked, then? Perhaps this media channel is a front for coalition intelligence gathering wishing to protect their identities. That is not to say VOC was not originally affiliated with al Qaeda. If these wimpy slouches can pay for their operations with funding from "the new generation" of "ferocious jihad fighters", by all means let them collect as much as possible. Do not forget to give receipts to all the donors, please, especially foreign contributors.

Shiver me timbers.


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