Friday, November 18, 2005

Powerful Video Cuts Legs from Iraq War Critics

I am an independent voter (have been for decades). Although solicited by both the Democrats and Republicans, I join no political party and attempt to vote only for the most appropriate candidates, regardless of party.

One of my regular reads, Far East Cynic's, commentors in Wir fahren auf Deutschland!linked to a video that demolishes the anti-Iraq-war propaganda spouted by the chorus of loudmouths we have heard since 1998, and as recently as 2003.

If you are an independent, too, I urge you to watch the short (less than 2 minute) video , and see for yourself.


At 18 November, 2005 05:48, Blogger sight said...

I produce video for a living and I think you would be surprised how easy it is to take comments out of context and cut them together to make a point. One could easily make a video with quotas of people who condemned the rush to war. (Why March?) For myself, I never believed there were weapons, nor did a good part of the world press. The Bush administration lied or they were wrong. Whichever one you believe it to be, Bush has disgraced the good name of America.

At 18 November, 2005 11:17, Blogger Vigilis said...

To blogger 'sight', I have also produced videos in my work.

Do not insult our intelligence. The featured Democrats said exactly what the archival footage captured, compiled and referenced, and exactly as stated by those Democrats themselves. Obviously, the slippery souls (mostly lawyers, would otherwise sue for libel). They wish they had not made the statements with quite the degree of certitude in their speeches.

As Ronald Reagan said, "facts are stubborn things."

By the way, since you are anonymous, we know better than to trust the legitimacy of your words, but thanks for attempting to discredit and deny the authenticity of archival footage. That is not quite as bad as what one of the featured Democrats (lawyer Sandy Berger) was brought to justice for: actually stealing and destroying some of our national archives.


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