Friday, November 25, 2005

Sen. John Kerry's Wife Has Spoken

According to The Washington Times, Teresa Heinz, has stopped using the last name of her husband, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, last year's Democrat presidential nominee.

In preparation for its Women Who Make a Difference Awards dinner next month, the National Council for Research on Women taped "a conversation with Teresa Heinz." The council failed to mention the final half of the Fox Chapel ketchup heiress' formerly elongated last name in several other references. It is intentional.

Conjecture you can believe: Kerry has been advised by the DNC that it will not support his running again in the 2008 presidential race. Obviously, the senator is not eager to confide this bit of priveleged news with the hoi polloi (common people not in the U.S. Senate).

Always an officer and a gentleman, however, the good senator has shared the news with his wife (required by prenups?). Obviously, the Mrs. has never been enthusiastic to mire her lineage with Kerry's.

"I just checked and she no longer uses her (entire) last name; only during the (presidential) campaign did she use Kerry," campaign spokeswoman Tamara Rodriguez Reichberg said. Not entirely true, of course. The name was dropped more recently.

Prediction #1: John Kerry will not run in the 2008 race to become president.
Prediction #2: He will see a new challenger for his senate seat, also.

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