Friday, January 27, 2006

Ignore Rant: Gore '08 - An independent voter's bumper sticker suggestion

Ex-VP Al Gore may be a loser (sore loser by his sanity-challenged, public demeanor), but is he also a man far ahead of his time?

Consider his frequent rants, for instance. The former Army journalist makes mainstream news merely by bashing his political opponents. Can we say he was an entertainer before mainstream news became the largely entertainment and propaganda industry that it is today?

What about his technical expertise (recall his penetrating involvement with the internet, the environment, Climate Tepidness and arctic submarine exploration*). Clearly, the man's name appears as author of a few books and knowledge is no obstacle to his scientific brilliance. He is attracted to high technology as certainly as insects to a lighted bulb -instinctively.

What new high tech thriller can he write to top his previous, fear-mongoring best-sellers?
Cool heads would not choose Mr. Gore for the 2008 ticket. The guy wants to be nation's the environmental tzar, it seems. A cabinet appointment would be a step up for an eager guy like Al.

Republicans had better worry. With the skill of Hugo Chavez, Gore brandishes scant facts embellished with whatever sensational fiction emanates from Holywood. After Gore's quip to his personal connection in the 1970 film Love Story, writer Erich Segal corrected the record by saying both Gore and his Harvard roommate, actor Tommy Lee Jones, had served as models for Love Story's male protagonist, but that Segal did not base any character on Tipper, after all. (Nice VP face-saving, Erich Segal).

What will Gore's bumper stickers look like? Ignore Gore '08, or Ignore Rant by Gore '08?
Perhaps the DNC will offer a candidate with a hint of charisma and actual winning potential, instead.

* submarine H/T Gus Van Horn


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