Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Submarine CN-NU

CN-NU, what is that, a railroad, a university or a network news reconnaissance vehicle? None of the above.

CN-NU is the Calabria Mafia's (called Ndrangheta) entry into the world of submarine cocaine smuggling: Calabria Ndrangheta Numero Uno. The Italian crime organization Ndrangheta is sketched by our FBI here and Answers.com here.

The word "'Ndrangheta" is Greek for courage or loyalty. Specializing in drug smuggling from South America, it is believed to be more powerful now than La Cosa Nostra. Ndrangheta, generates an annual cocaine trade of $30- $42 billion. Based upon an estimate of 6,000 associates, that is $700,000 per associate, only slightly less than $740K for all of the partners in large law firms (see FINANCIAL PROFILE OF FIRMS).

ROME, Italy (UPI) -- The head of Italy`s anti-Mafia operations says a submarine a gangster group was building in Colombia to transport drugs has been impounded. Based upon the capacity of a similar smuggling submarine, also being built in Colombia, SA, the CN-NU would have capacity for transporting 2oo tons of cocaine.

Suppose you were the Capo of the CN-NU, what precautions would you want to take for transporting more than 100 grams of COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE in the confined space of a submarine? This MSDS may help you decide. The bigger question: from whose navies will outlaw sub drivers come to a country near you.


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