Friday, March 17, 2006

SEED Magazine Promotes Environmental Activism (just as Michael Chriton described)

"We create and distribute original Science is Culture content that communicates science's fast-changing place in our culture to an international audience." Seed Media Group LLC


Science should never be "culture." That would bankrupt science. Science is not the winner of a popularity contest, but when done with required fastidious adherence to the scientific method is merely objective opinion of current analysis and theory. Science is therefore an iconoclast of culture.

Get the difference? If not, subscribe to SEED magazine without hesitation.

In my opinion, the "Seed" is nothing more than a confessed progressive ( left-wing) propaganda implant. Be your own judge; here is one quote from the latest edition of SEED:

Many of the changes brought about by global warming will entail real increased risks of damage to people and property. And that will bring not just finger-pointing, but litigating. Recently the attorneys general of several progressive-leaning states brought a lawsuit against a group of US electric power companies, trying to hold them responsible for the current and future impacts of global warming on their respective states. [Deep Fried America - Chris Mooney]

The above represents not good science, but greedy litigation. Here's another quote from another article in the April/May issue:

What Michael Chriton did was criminal because he promoted a book of pure fiction as if it was factual. ... I've got to bust my butt to get on Science Friday and we needed Katrina to get me on Bill Maher. [The SEED SALON -Laurie David
(environmental activist and producer)]

Well, Laurie David, you are no scientist, but Michael Chriton has an M.D. and a proven ability to analyze scientific research. Unlike many scientists, Chriton is not dependent upon federal grants and political favors for his job security. Science in the United States is becoming subverted by the very powerful, some would say out of control, litigation industry. How dare you say Chriton, author of State of Fear, which rightly attempts to inform the public, did anything criminal.


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