Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reminder from Submarine Commissar Raises a Question We have All Thought About

Time nor tide waits for no man, said fifteenth century author Robert Green. They both sneak up on you, said the man shown here at the periscope, where's your happy blogiversary to me?

Here it is: Happy Blogiversary to Molten Eagle! Since my counter has been restarted too many times, I have not tracked visits, except to note gradual increases each quarter. Still rather insignificant by naval observatory blogging standards. But I digress.

We all spent years on our various boats. Bothenook at a geezer's corner spent 6-1/2 years on one, for example. I spent several years there myself, and except perhaps for a ship's reunion in 1997, probably never met him. The ship was launched in 1955 and commissioned in 1957, the late Comdr. R. B. Laning in command (met him at the reunion, but ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter the only U.S. President to "Qualify-in-Submarines", and the ship's early nuclear Engineering Officer, did not attend the reunion). After exactly thirty years, the much-overhauled submarine was finally decommissioned in 1987.

Nominally, the ship's complement was 10 officers and 84 enlisted men. We always had more of both, however (not counting the spooks, etc.). During my time, I had the privelege of serving with 5 COs, 36 officers and almost 160 men I can still name. My guess is somewhere between 1,450 and 1,950 people were ever assigned.

Your boats had different years of service, different crew complements, etc. Have you ever wondered how many officers and men have or will have served on your boats over their years in commission? That is considerable talent and expertise devoted to something much smaller than the dimensions of a football field, isn't it?


At 09 March, 2006 13:34, Blogger Alex Nunez said...

One year, already? Congratulations, Vigilis!

At 09 March, 2006 14:39, Blogger bothenook said...

you know what's funny? i've been to the reunions, and i made it a point to meet everyone that went. so we have met, but i'll be damned if i could point to you in a crowd and say "hey, i know that guy!"
it's a small world, with borders and continents becoming less and less important to keeping ideas and conversations seperated.

At 09 March, 2006 16:04, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

Another Blogiversary surfaces, congrats to Vigilis. -LL

At 09 March, 2006 16:48, Blogger Vigilis said...

Alex, Bo and Lubber, thanks for all of your support and intersting blogs. - Vigilis

At 09 March, 2006 22:51, Blogger Gus Van Horn said...

Happy Blogiversary!


At 10 March, 2006 00:05, Blogger Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Happy Blogiversary, may you have a gizillion more!

As to the talent that crosses the brow as members of the officer and crew communities for particular boats, I am still amazed at the accomplishments of so many of these people: Former officers of USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL at one time occupied the following positions: Deputy Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, ComSubLant, ComSubPac, and many, many more... It's too bad that most only recognize greatness in the rear view mirror.

At 10 March, 2006 04:28, Blogger Skippy-san said...

Happy Blog birthday! I always thought about what would have happened if I had gone subs instead of aviation. Bottom line though was that NUKES work too hard......

My hat is off to all those who make the choice though. Great Americans all.

At 10 March, 2006 15:53, Blogger Vigilis said...

M.E. thanks you all for your blogiversary expressions. Have you noticed that not a single sub blogger is afraid to call things as he sees it (and agreement is often not a given).

Skippy-san fits that bill superlatively and when he butts heads does so with welcomed aviator passion and no lack of facts. Gus Van Horn (whom I will never totally understand) also brings refreshing insights and mysterious rigidity to the blogoshere.
And Doc MacDonald makes a point none of us should overlook:
"I am still amazed at the accomplishments of so many of these people: ... It's too bad that most only recognize greatness in the rear view mirror." We are not your average citizens. In some quarters aside from the military, we are also regarded with undeserved suspicion.


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