Monday, April 03, 2006

More Noise in Britain's Silent Service?

First, there were charges against a submarine commander Robert Tarrant reported in: Are All Modern Submariners Really Pampered Wimps? Court To Decide. As predicted, the court decided the charges were, well, a bit eggagerated. Now, more serious assault charges have been brought against two senior instructors. - Probe at Deepcut-on-sea reported in the Sun Online here.

The two warrants are accused of abusing young staff during at-sea training. One of the two senior sailors, in the first of two police probes, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a female crew member while berating her on board a major warship. The second is being investigated "for punching in the head a young officer, who was at the controls of a nuclear submarine."

Senior officers had to restrain the instructor from deliverying more blows, sources told The Sun. The instructors were each engaged in the roles of “wreckers” (boarding vessels during war games to create mayhem for crews) when the alleged offenses occurred.

My prediction this time? Like their forebearers of the sailing age, modern generation recruits lack the discipline of Cold War Era sailors. The Cat O' Nine Tails (also called the captain's daughter) will not be brought back into British use, however.


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