Friday, April 14, 2006

Submarine Force establishes CSCO: Oh, CISCO! Uh oh, Hugo!

Commander Naval Submarine Forces activated the Cell for Submarine Counter-Terrorism Operations (CSCO) March 17 to maximize the Navy submarine force's contributions to the Global War on Terrorism. How do you think that little acronym (CSCO) is pronounced? Let me guess, "Cisco", as in the Cisco Kid. Let's guess why CSCO is headquartered on the East Coast, El Presidente Hugo Chavez. Perhaps a commander for the suspected IV Fleet has at last been assigned. Could it be Rear Adm. Mark Kenny? Made up of personnel from CSG2 and a cross-section of he Submarine Force, Naval Security Group, and Naval Special Operations Commands, CSCO's primary role is synchronizing the "sub force's efforts in the GWOT.
source: Submarine Force establishes CSCO

The first new fleet since prior to WWII will be Roman-numeralled 'IV' (as in the missing 4th fleet). In a departure from Arabic numeralled fleets, the IV fleet will be phonetically referred to as the IV Fleet (as in Invade Venezuela). There are no firm plans to overthrow Chavez or invade Venezuela, but Venezuelan water temperature are conducive to relatively easy training, maintenance, and swim call activities. So Chavez will not be unduly frightened, Fleet IV will appear to be a demonstration and test fleet only. For the time being, live munitions will be unnecessary, so the IV fleet will have a lighter overall look (LOL) for VIP show and tell purposes, as well as operating savings.


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