Friday, June 30, 2006

Lagomorph on Loan

Our puppy found 5, tiny lagomorphs in a pile of composting leaves. We waited for the mother to return, but for some good reason she never made it back.

They needed care so we took them in, read up on internet veterinary advice and went shopping (it was late sunday evening) for the right supplies.

The photo shows our sole survivor, Peter. The strongest of the original five, he eats well, exercises (including daily attempts to escape from his laundary basket) and even recognizes the puppy who came to his aid.

They say that a very critical period for survival comes at 4-5 weeks when bunnies convert to solid diet. We will obtain expert help before that point.

A friend of mine has decades of experience raising rabbits (for his family's consumption). The only time I have ever eaten one was at sea on a submarine as Thanksgiving fare (had thought it to be fried chicken- yep, all the turkey was gone before I came off watch).

If he survives, Peter will be another family pet, we think at this point. Releasing him to the wild is a certain death sentence due to predator populations. Hopefully, he will be eligible to vote by November elections.


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