Friday, June 16, 2006

SSN Submarines Play a Significant, Clandestine Role: Images You Will Never See in Iraq

The U.S. military on Thursday (June 15th) revealed for the first time a photo of the man said to be the new leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. Vigilis (thanks to the World Wide Web) revealed this 6 whole days earlier, in this comment on June 9th:

"Thanks for highlighting Ledeen's article, Teflon (The Real al Zarqawi ). In fact, Zarqawi's elimination is even more significant than Ledeen recognized. Zarqawi and Rahman managed an effective insurgency and hid better and longer even than Saddam himself. Bin Laden currently manages nothing effective and hides as well as if he were dead (or, is he?). With Zarqawi's expertise missing (his most senior leaders had all been captured or killed) there will be relatively inferior training opportunities for enemies of the Iraqi police. Al-Masri cannot become an al Zarqawi overnight; he will be fortunate to avoid capture this year."

You will of course not see images of Pinnipeds (seal mammals) in Iraq as the upper extreme of their survivability is in the low 80 degree 'F' range.

USN SEALs will not be photographed during their submarine launched, clandestine missions, of course.

Al-Masri will not be seen until his remains are retrieved from the next 500-lb. bomb attack coming to newspapers in your community, later this year.


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