Sunday, July 09, 2006

Satisfying Submariner Yearnings: "Hours of Undersea Fun!"

Well, even the military's youthful retirement age may be too old for the target group (ages 6 months and up), of a toy advertised as Hours of Underseas Fun. You can see the Water Wonder Mat here. (H/T Bookofjoe)

For the slightly older crowd, however, Bubblehead (who recently changed his profile photo to highlight only a right ear) thinks this R/C toy is more appropriate.

Of course, submarine simulations have been around over 20 years now. Check them out here. Never noticed a half-naked blonde cutie like this one playing "Sea Devil", though, and yes, I've been to The Horse & Cow (and still have their old business card).

Then there are submarine books. Have you ever read two about the same, real events that agreed totally? That's because submarines have always been silent and strange. When the silence is broken, things get even stranger. For instance, is the talker doing his own or his nation's bidding in contradicting the original story? Normally, only Admirals are accorded that duty or privelege.

Still, I am a sucker for realistic submarine novels and historical submarine articles. What is your favorite?


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