Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Couric or Bush? "A submarine could take this place out.'"

The sentence was quoted in this derogatory hatchet job book by Sidney Blumenthal, former senior adviser and aide to President Bill Clinton.

Whoever made the comment obviously posesses both gravitas and military knowledge. Was it Katie Couric or President Bush? Couric has neither. President Bush said it, according to Blumenthal.

Blumenthal recalls a November 2004 visit by Bush and his political guru Karl Rove to the William J. Clinton Library on the banks of the Arkansas River. Making a courtesy stop for the former president, Bush was in a hurry to attend to more pressing White House business and no doubt regretted detouring to the backwaters of Arkansas at that moment.

"Bush appeared distracted and glanced repeatedly at his watch. When he stopped to gaze at the river, where Secret Service agents were stationed in boats, the guide said: 'Usually, you might see some bass fishermen out there.' Bush replied: 'A submarine could take this place out.'" the New York Daily News quotes him, as stating in the book. (ANI)

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