Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why "Islamo Fascism Insults Islam" is a Totally Hollow Argument

Islam seems almost perpetually insulted. We are now accustomed to it.

Who is making the argument that the term Islamo fascist is perjorative toward Muslims, however, and why is it a hollow argument?

It is hollow because we do not hear Muslim outrage over the insult done their peaceful religion by murdering Al Qaeda terrorists. How then, can we logically believe so-called, peaceful Muslims who seem to find no insult whatever to their religion from its violent, terrorist offshoot?

Who in the perpetually outspoken and protesting Muslim world tells us loudy and clearly that Islam is offended and insulted by Al Qaeda? Where is that protest? Silence. Absent.

Islam's perpetual rants and blatant hypocrisy offend me sorely. But I will forgive them this much: some protests regarding the term Islamo fascism seem political in nature and are being made in this country by non-Muslim lawyers (Democrats) in muslin suits. If this man is elected, things change rapidly. Here may finally come a congressman, Keith Ellison, who will have to speak for Islam.

Three things may come of Ellison's successful election. If he harbors any support for Islamic terrorists, he will lose office and political career in two years. If he attempts to straddle the fence like Ibrahim Hooper has, he will further define the indecisveness of the Democrat party. If he speaks out against Islamic terrorists, of course, he will set a tone for Muslim citizens that has been missing and engender healthy debate.


At 16 September, 2006 16:42, Blogger Vigilis said...

Orange cross, no to your boomer epithet questions. On the lighter side, has anyone ever called you a lawyer?

In regard to your "images of serial killers with peaceful charitable expressions, or champions of peace snarling in contempt or howling with outrage",
to what end? As you know, serial killers are deranged sociopaths. Snarling champions of peace (can you name one besides Jimmy Carter?) seem to be proponents of appeasement at any costs, effete politicians, women, or any combinations of same.


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